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5 Tips for Throwing a KCCO Party


How to throw a KCCO Party 



KCCO beer has landed in Grand Rapids! Get ready to have some fun way the Chive KCCO parties. Not sure what or how to do so? Here are a few quick steps to make sure you max out the moment and enjoy or throw a fantastic time.

1. Drink KCCO beer. 

This is sort of a given but still necessary to include. KCCO beer is a black lager brewed via Resignation Brewery, a part of Redhook Brewery. It is a black lager with toasty malt notes and a super smooth lager finish. 5.1% ABV 

2. Document the action. 

The saying "pics or it didn't happen" tends to ring true. Especially when it comes to sharing your KCCO experience with the Chive community. 

3. Include facial hair. 

Nothing says Chive on quite like a well manicured beard or mustache. The fake variety are accepted, as well. 

4. Sharing is caring. 

KCCO beer is limited. Don't hog it to yourself, share it with your friends! Same goes for those aforementioned pictures. Post them up online to show off the fun.

5. Keep Calm and Chive on.

This one is pretty obvious, right?
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