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We are extremely excited and proud to announce that beginning this week, we will begin to receive our first shipments of our “newest” craft brewery partner, Sixpoint Craft Ales , from Brooklyn, NY.

This brewery is beloved by US Craft consumers, not only for the fantastic liquid they produce, but also for their edgy, hip, and path blazing vision…. much like the city they reside in.

Brewery Mission Statement: To make unique, inspired, delicious beers and positively influence our customers and community.

They have done exactly that. Since its birth in 2004, Sixpoint has busted out onto the beer drinking landscape, first as a draft only offering and now along side shelf popping 16oz. silver cans.

We will be launching 5 styles of cans and 5 styles of draft into the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Romulus markets next week.

16oz can styles include Sweet Action Cream Ale, Righteous Rye, Bengali Tiger IPA, The Crisp Pils, and Resin Imperial IPA in a skinny 12oz can. Draft selections will include the same, with the difference being that instead of Resin we will have limited offerings of their “Spice of Life” Columbus… which features the Columbus hop throughout the body of the beer.

The fountainhead of our creativity cannot be confined to the shackles of "style guidelines“ because style simply has no guidelines. Style is boundless, amorphous, restless. – Sixpoint Brewery



Two weeks ago, while attending the Craft Brewer’s Conference in San Diego, I had the distinct opportunity to visit The Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, CA.This place was truly amazing and I was blown away with the grounds that  this brewery sits upon. It may be one of the coolest places on earth to drink a beer…… either with dinner, hanging outside in the beer garden or by the stone fire pit.Their brewery resonates the same qualities as their “World Class” brews…. So Cal attitude with an attention to detail.  Stone takes great pride in their brews and consumer image.  They have truly built a shrine for Big, Bold, Beers with attitude. On June 8th through June 17, The Stone Brewing Co. will be looking for The Most "Bitter" Bar. There will be two accounts in Grand Rapids and two in Lansing competing for State and National Bragging Rights. Last year's State winner resided in East Lansing. Look for details at your favorite Craft Beer Bars.

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