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Super Bowl Ad Preview


The Super Bowl ads for 2015 are back! Both Budweiser and Bud Light have released their new ads are out. 


Budweiser's Lost Puppy Ad


Proving that the Clydesdales were not canned, as rumor had it, the horses' best pal is lost and it is up to them to save him. Time Magazine said it was like rewatching Homeward Bound. I have to agree since, as expected, I teared up during the ad. 




Bud Light's Pac Man Ad

Pac Man took us on a trip down retro memory lane with a new #UpForWhatever adventure. This time, the trip takes place in a life-sized Pac Man maze played by Up For Whatever participants competing in the retro game. With roller skaters gliding around dressed up like ghosts and chasing the lucky players the game is just as fun to watch as I'm sure it is to play.  


Super Bowl Pairing: Chips and Beer


Play matchmaker with your favorite potato chip and brew with this handy guide to potato chips and beer pairings, just in time for the Super Bowl. 


Let the Super Bowl snacking begin! 


Bud Light Pac Man...For Real


Bud Light is continuing to impress with its epic #UpForWhatever campaign. This year it's a throwback to the 80's featuring a live, custom-built Pac Man maze. Now Bud Light fans who are Up For Whatever can transform themselves into their very own Pac Man. Check out the teaser and get ready for the full finales coming your way for Super Bowl


Beer and Cheese Pairing [Infographic]


Forget peanut butter and jelly, beer and cheese are the ultimate food pairing. 

To celebrate #NationalCheeseLoversDay make a toast with a swig of your preferred beer choice and a bite out of that beloved chunk of cheese. Optimum pairings can be discovered using this handy infographic that acts like a trail to ultimate tasty paradise.




Our Company Homebrew Competition



Here at West Side Beer Distributing, we like to get schooled. Beer education plays a huge role as part of our company’s and individual growth, which is why we encourage our sales team to work their way through our beer school, which is designed to provide them with expert knowledge on the making, selling and enjoyment of beer.


One aspect of beer school is learning firsthand how much effort, time, expertise and cleaning goes into making a tasty beer. To highlight this, all employees are encouraged to participate in our annual company-wide homebrew competition. This past week our in-house Certified Cicerones, executive team and guest beer experts came together to judge this year’s batch of homebrews from West Side Beer employees. Submissions ranged from Wheat IPAs to Imperial Stouts and from barely drinkable liquids to exceptional and clean brews.



Key highlights from the judging included the obvious growth of some regular homebrewers, whom have submitted their brews on an annual basis. Tasting the difference and noticing their increased knowledge and skill for beer making proved the educational impact our annual homebrew competition. In addition, everyone clearly enjoyed the homebrew experience, which was evident in the inventive names and unique labels on display. Several brews were presented with wax tips, special six pack cases and memorable names. The biggest takeaway? We are lucky to have some pretty fantastic home brewers working with us and at the end of the day learning (especially about beer) sure is fun.


New Year = New Beers To Try


Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA 

Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes makes it’s grand entrance into the market this month, on draft, only. Beginning in the springtime, 6 pack bottles will also be available. This juicy, citrusy IPA will be sure to please those with its “new school” IPA style.



New Belgium Slow Ride IPA 

Take it easy with the newest release from New Belgium Brewing, Slow Ride IPA. The session ale boasts super hopped up goodness in an itty bitty ABV package. With a release date in January, the hoppy goodness will soon be available all year.


Samuel Adams Rebel Rider and Rebel Rouser IPAs 

On their way to taps and stores soon are Rebel IPA’s sidekicks, Rebel Rider and Rebel Rouser. Samuel Adams brewed the two IPAs to complement their top selling Rebel IPA, released last year. Rebel Rider is a session IPA while Rebel Rouser is a double IPA. Between the OG Rebel IPA, Rebel Rider and Rebel Rouser, you can tap into your rebellious side all year long, no matter your mood.



Blakes Cider

Ok, so cider isn’t beer but it’s delicious, especially the farm-to-tap, hand crafted type of cider produced by Blake’s Cider out of Armada, Michigan. With 70s slang inspired names like Flannel Mouth and Catawampus, Blake’s cider will soon be delighting the Grand Rapids market with it’s impeccable liquid and sense of fun.


Perrin Lil' Griz 

Ever heard of a session bourbon barrel aged brown ale? We hadn't either, until Perrin Brewing Co. came up with this stunning example. Huge flavor accompanies this relatively low ABV beer, making it the perfect beer to warm up with throughout the long months of winter ahead.  



Bud Light Lemon-Ade-Rita

Another limited release from the Bud Light Rita family is on its way. Perfect timing for summer, Lemon-Ade-Rita melds the light and crisp flavor of Bud Light with fresh citrus lemonade sweetness.


Stone Enjoy After 

For the past year, the Mitten state’s been enjoying the educational and delicious Enjoy By IPA series from Stone Brewing. Beginning in 2014, we will also begin getting a very limited amount of the brand new Enjoy After series, as well. These ales turn the enjoy by concept on its head and are brewed to be drank at least a year after production. The exact styles and availability are yet to be determined but that doesn’t mean we can’t eagerly await its arrival.

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