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New Craft Beer Releases for April


April showers bring new beers to devour. From returning favorites, brand spankin' new brews to super limited series and widely available seasonals, your beer needs will be covered this month.



The first of the month will bring Tongue Tied Cherry Saison from Rochester Mills Beer Co. An unfiltered Belgian style ale, Tongue Tied Cherry Saison showcases the perfect blend of sweet and tart, thanks to Michigan-grown cherries. This summer seasonal will be available in draft only.


The oddly tasty, super limited annual release from Right Brain Brewery will be available for a heartbeat during April. Brewed with Mangalista pig skulls and bones, this robust porter combines the salty, umami taste of roasted ham and bacon with rich notes of chocolate malts.. 6.6% ABV 28 IBUs



Introducing itself to the Mitten State for the first time is the spring/summer seasonal from Deschutes Brewery, Twilight Summer Ale. Twilight is is a refreshing, golden-hued blonde ale with hints of lightly browned toast, floral and citrus hops with a crisp and clean finish. 5% ABV 35 IBUs


There are only 20 days left to get your hands on Enjoy By IPA 4.20.15 from Stone Brewing Co. Brewed with 12 hop varieties, this double IPA is dank with a hint of peachyness coming through on the tail end of a soothing malt bill. This limited release is available in Grand Rapids and Lansing. 9.4% ABV 88 IBUs


Available in Barry County only will be a limited release from Goose Island Brewing Co. Ten Hills Pale Ale from Goose Island Brewing Co. utilizes hops locally sourced from the first ten hills of Elk Mountain Farm in Idaho, with whom Goose Island collaborates with to source hops. Herbal and citrus hops are featured in this classically crafted pale ale. 6.2% ABV 52 IBUs

Stella Artois Buy a Lady A Drink


Sometimes the simplest act can create the greatest change. That is the hope with the newest campaign with Stella Artois, which is aptly named Buy a Lady a Drink. The newly launched campaign is focused on helping solve the global water crisis, one chalice at a time.


A shortage of water directly affects women, who walk a combined 200 million hours a day to provide water for their families, worldwide. In fact, more than twice the population of the United States lives without access to clean water. By partnering with Water .Org Stella Artois is working to change this.


The premise is that with the purpose of each Stella Artois Chalice you are helping to provide clean water for one person living in a developing country for five years. Join the movement and buy a lady a drink. 


St. Patrick's Day Beer and Food Pairings


The countdown is on for St. Patrick’s Day. Now is the time to prep for a singularly excellent day celebrating your Irish pride (regardless whether you’re Irish for a day or life). Keep in the theme for the day by enjoying delicacies from the Green Isle paired with these excellent beers for a day filled with cheer.



Murphy’s Dry Irish Stout Paired with Shepherd’s Pie

The original rebel stout’s roasted malt flavor holds up well against the hearty shepherd’s pie. The stout’s relatively light body serves as a contrasting note to the heavy meal.


Rochester Mills Beer Co. Rochester Red Paired with Corned Beef and Cabbage

The caramel and roasted malt notes in the red ale perfectly match this meaty dish that is a favorite for the holiday. Additionally, the underlying bitterness and crisp finish help as a refresher between bites of this salty dish.


Boddington’s Pub Ale Paired with Irish Soda Bread

This English-style pub ale’s creamy head and mouthfeel create the perfect contrasting accompaniment to the dense and dry profile of Irish Soda Bread. It’s clean and simple flavor, with a touch of sweetness, helps bring out the bread’s character while cleansing the palate between bites.



Magner’s Irish Cider Paired with Shortbread

Crisp, tart and, overall, refreshing Magner’s Irish Cider cleanly cuts through the buttery body of shortbread while adding to the light sweetness of the biscuit.


Laughfest Season


Hip! Hip! Hooray! Laughfest season is here!




Get ready to get your giggles on with this year’s fantastic lineup, once again sponsored by Bud Light. This is the fifth years of smiles for Laughfest and the third year that Bud Light, West Side Beer and Gilda’s Club have joined forces with our smiley campaign.


Paper smileys are available for purchase at many establishments throughout the Grand Rapids area that sell Bud Light. Provided freely to retailers, the smiley faces are sold at a dollar a piece with all proceeds going towards the efforts of Gilda’s Club to support those with or affected by cancer.




As part of our third year partnering with Gilda’s Club, we plan to continue our continued and growing support for Laughfest. The combined efforts over the past two years reached a total of almost $4,000 in support of Gilda’s Club from the sale of Bud Light Laughfest smileys, alone.


Look out for these smileys hanging anywhere Bud Light is sold and grab a view (one dollar each), give them  your John Hancock and post them up to show your support. 



Additionally, celebrate Laughfest with the Blue and Late Night Comedy Series, presented by Bud Light. The free show will showcase Big Jay Oakerson (FX’s Louie, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) with special guest Ben Roy (Funny As Hell, Just For Laughs), who will be sure to bring the down the house with giggles and gaffaws galore. 


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