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Top 5 Opening Day Traditions


 Top 5 Opening Day Traditions



Happy Opening Day, everyone! Enjoy the American tradition of baseball and beer with these top 5 opening day traditions.


1.       Playing hooky from work

The inexplicable sickness, the car problem, the random disappearance. Whatever your chosen method for skipping work is, Opening Day is when you perfect the skill of skipping work in the name of baseball. Of course the Wizard and Budweiser’s recent efforts (along with all thousands of signatures) have helped begin the process for a petition to make Opening Day a holiday. Until then, the rest of us will continue the long-held tradition of heading off to the stadium instead of the office on this day.


2.       Hot dogs

Fuel is required for all that baseball watching and celebration. Most often, that comes in the form of a hot dog. Or two. Or five. Coincidentally, hot dogs also pair perfectly with a beer. American lagers and pilsners act as a palate cleanser while allowing the dish’s flavors to take center stage.



3.       Clydesdales

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a symbol of Americana. Combined with the Opening Day ceremonies and parade, nothing feels more patriotic.


4.       Cracking open a cold one

Beer and baseball. Probably few things in life go together as perfectly as this pair. When the first ball is pitched and that first Budweiser is popped open it’s officially baseball season.


5.       Tailgating

The best tradition is the one that ties together all of the above into one free for all of tradition. That’s what happens when the first tailgate of the season occurs - it’s a convergence of friends, hope, Budweiser and baseball.


Budweiser Ads Win SuperBowl


The Seattle Seahawks may have trounced the Denver Broncos but Budweiser came out as the real winner of the Super Bowl with their nostalgic and touching commercials.


A Hero’s Welcome served as the other commercial put on by Budweiser, which featured the real-life surprise and welcome home for Lt. Chuck Nadd. The famous Clydesdales once again made an appearance in the parade in his hometown welcoming him home.




The Puppy Love ad brought back one of my favorite childhood movies, the Fox and the Hound, with the unlikely friendship theme. After catching myself singing along to the song and gaping at the Clydesdale jump fences the ending came as a humorous and sweet surprise when the other Clydesdales came together to keep the best buds together.


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