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July is chockfull of the fruit of the land, now including pints of locally harvested and fermented cider from Ridge Cider Co. Distributed throughout the Grand Rapids area via West Side Beer Distributing, the company is the result of joint efforts of Bruce Rasch and Matt DeLong to produce a hyperlocal and supremely quaffable liquid.


Based out of Grant, Michigan Ridge Cider Co. uses an orchard-to-pint approach to bring traditional hard cider to Grand Rapids. They focus on core styles that showcase the taste of West Michigan apples with a kick of hard cider in each sip. The following styles are available on draft.


Roots 5% ABV

Bright apple aroma is complemented by a pungent kick of fresh, spicy ginger



RHAC stands for Ridge Hopped Apple Cider and features a heady aroma of resiny and citrus hops, thanks to a heavy dry hopping with locally grown hops.


Cones 5.4% ABV

Made with juniper berries, which are also known as baby pine cones, Cones is a crisp and refreshing cider with a subtle hint of resinous pine and breathe of citrus.


Porch Sittin 5.6% ABV

Vanilla and cinnamon collaborate to create a nostalgic and refreshing complementary taste for this dry hard cider.


Raschberry 6% ABV

A hard cider brewed with raspberries, lending it a tart and fresh burst of berry flavor that is prevalent throughout the nose and the taste.


Peach Ridge 5.9% ABV

A fruity cider boasting crisp apple and layers of juicy, sweet peach flavor.




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