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9 Ways to Crush Brooklyn Summer Ale



Crushable. That’s the best way to describe the summer seasonal from Brooklyn Brewery, aptly named Summer Ale. The key is the light body and full-flavored profile that combine to create a pale ale designed to be enjoyed in multiples.


Summer Ale (5% ABV 18 IBU) is available in bottles, cans and on draft, which means there are a myriad of ways to crush this beer. Need help coming up with some? Try out these tried and true activities for maximum summer sipping.


1. Half submerged in a kiddie pool with a ham sandwich.

2. On a porch during peak afternoon/evening hours watching the fireflies come out.

3. Golfing or pretending to golf.

4. While home brewing in your garage.

5. With pancakes, hashbrowns and eggs for a lazy weekend brunch.

6. In between yelling at the screen/field during a baseball game.

7. While boating, even if it’s only a paddle boat.

8. At your favorite bar or restaurant’s patio while working on a tan or sunburn.

9. As a refresher post hike/run/walk to get the mail.



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