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Super Bowl Ad Preview


The Super Bowl ads for 2015 are back! Both Budweiser and Bud Light have released their new ads are out. 


Budweiser's Lost Puppy Ad


Proving that the Clydesdales were not canned, as rumor had it, the horses' best pal is lost and it is up to them to save him. Time Magazine said it was like rewatching Homeward Bound. I have to agree since, as expected, I teared up during the ad. 




Bud Light's Pac Man Ad

Pac Man took us on a trip down retro memory lane with a new #UpForWhatever adventure. This time, the trip takes place in a life-sized Pac Man maze played by Up For Whatever participants competing in the retro game. With roller skaters gliding around dressed up like ghosts and chasing the lucky players the game is just as fun to watch as I'm sure it is to play.  


Super Bowl Pairing: Chips and Beer


Play matchmaker with your favorite potato chip and brew with this handy guide to potato chips and beer pairings, just in time for the Super Bowl. 


Let the Super Bowl snacking begin! 


Budweiser Ads Win SuperBowl


The Seattle Seahawks may have trounced the Denver Broncos but Budweiser came out as the real winner of the Super Bowl with their nostalgic and touching commercials.


A Hero’s Welcome served as the other commercial put on by Budweiser, which featured the real-life surprise and welcome home for Lt. Chuck Nadd. The famous Clydesdales once again made an appearance in the parade in his hometown welcoming him home.




The Puppy Love ad brought back one of my favorite childhood movies, the Fox and the Hound, with the unlikely friendship theme. After catching myself singing along to the song and gaping at the Clydesdale jump fences the ending came as a humorous and sweet surprise when the other Clydesdales came together to keep the best buds together.


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