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American Craft Beer Week


A Guide to Celebrating American Craft Beer Week

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, once again! American Craft Beer Week (May 13-19) is in full swing, which means it’s time to celebrate with fun, beer-filled activities. For those who want to go beyond simply drinking beer to celebrate, since in reality that is no different than any other week of the year, here is a guide for appropriately celebrating every beer drinker’s favorite holiday.


Step One: Pair that beer with some grub.

This is a holiday so feel free to go beyond your beer and cheese option and do some wild pairings. Test out different dishes to see what beer flavors they accentuate or mask or do a themed pairing with all breakfast food. Or, go the route of spontaneity and assemble whatever you have in your fridge then take out your beer and start trying whatever is available. This is what some of us call making dinner.


Step Two: Travel the world through beer.

Growing up I never could master the around-the-world slinky trick. However, I’m quit proud of my world traveling skills when it comes to beer. Start off local, spread out from the Midwest and hit up Southern, Western and Northeastern brews before getting out of the states. Europe’s rich brewing history shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should the up and coming craft beer hotbeds in Chile or Asia.


Step Three: Play a new kind of drinking game.

See how long you can go this week without drinking a beer you already have tried. Pushing the limits and expanding your view of beer will not only expand your palette but also introduce you to new breweries you may have previously ignored.


Step Four: Don’t get wasted.

American Craft Beer Week is about appreciating and enjoying beer, not chugging it to reach such an inebriated state that you can’t remember half of what you drank the night before. Plus, May is session beer month so this is the perfect time to segue into lower ABV beers that you can drink a few of without the room spinning.


Step Five: Make friends.

The craft beer community is known for getting together in the name of beer. So, for the sake of beer, go out there, have fun and be nice and make new friends. 

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