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National Donut (and beer) Day


National Donut (and beer) Day


In my opinion, any day is another great day to enjoy a beer. Today is requires special celebratory cheering and drinking of beer because it is not only Friday but it’s also national donut day! To end this week with an exclamation point full of happiness and calories I’ve come up with a few donut and beer pairings.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager
 and Boston Cream Donuts

For the love of Boston, check out this iconic duo. Picture it, the malty balanced brew is strong enough to hold up to the thick sugary creaminess of the donut while the crisp finish helps clear the palette of any remaining residue.

Right Brain CEO Stout
 with Chocolate Glazed Donuts

The richness of the stout, derived from chocolate, espresso and oatmeal, complements the chocolate duo of the donut. It’s kind of like the perfect chocolate heaven that ends with a slight buzz.

Rochester Mills Cornerstone IPA
 and Crispy Crème Donuts

The light and sugary sweetness of the crispy crème is contrasted with a light IPA, such Cornerstone, whose bitterness cuts through the sweetness and acts as a palette cleanser in between bites.

Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
 and a Bear Claw Donuts

This heavy hitting beer matches the strength of this heavy, almond flavored donut. In addition, the hops bitterness and dry finish keep the donut’s sweetness from being too overpowering.

New Belgium Fat Tire
 and Jelly Filled Powdered Donuts

Homer Simpson’s favorite donut meets one of my favorite Amber beers to create the perfect match. Fat Tire is a medium-bodied and well balanced beer that doesn’t overpower the light sugar dusted donut while providing a strong enough malt backbone to withstand the sticky jelly sweetness.

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