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6 Beers for Celebrating Michigan Craft Beer Month


6 Beers to Celebrate Michigan Craft Beer Month


Happy July and, more importantly, happy official Michigan Craft Beer Month! With a whole month to celebrate, here are six beers, one from each brewery, to drink to the Great Beer State with.


Right Brain Will Power

This golden-hued pale ale has some great grassy notes, balanced out by a light maltiness.

4.9% ABV


Perrin Grapefruit IPA

Bright citrus notes and hop bitterness blend into an incredibly sessionable and slightly sweet IPA.

4.7% ABV 10 IBU


Arcadia Whitsun

An unfiltered wheat with a cloudy appearance and a creamy mouth feel that is topped with a thick creamy head while lemon and orange peel come across in the flavor.

6.2% ABV 17 IBU


Frankenmuth Twisted Helles

Brewed with noble hops, it is a light bodied, crisp summer lager highlighted by citrus notes.

5.5% ABV 18 IBU


Rochester Mills Cornerstone IPA

 An IPA that bring the bitterness without overbearing the palette it is medium bodied with a balanced bitterness.

6.6% ABV


Petoskey Horny Monk

Along with a memorable name, this Belgian provides an addicting smoothness, with a slight touch of sweetness.

6.9 % ABV 20 IBU


1. 2. 3-4-5-6! Cheers to Michigan Beer Month!  


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