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6 Reasons Midwest is the Best for Beer Lovers


6 Reasons Why Midwest is the Best for Beer Lovers




Full disclosure – as a born and raised Michigander I’ve never lived in another state, let alone on a different coast. That being said, I do think living in the Great Beer State here in the Midwest is best for beer drinking fiends.


I’ve heard the assertions about Northwestern beer towns positively saturated with every sort of brewery as well as tales regarding the nearness and character of East coast brewpubs. Still, for availability, activities and culture Michigan, here in the Midwest beats them all. Here’s why.


1. Craft Beer just named Arcadia Ales just as one of the top brewpubs that is helping put the Midwest on the Map, thanks to its excellence beer and food pairings offered on location.


2. Grand Rapids is Beer City USA, thanks to the continuously growing number of breweries in the area, as well as the supportive craft-centric culture that resides in the city.


3. Summer in Michigan is just another opportunity to try craft beer in a can. From woods to beaches, golf courses, parks and ballgames Michigan summers welcome the growing craft can revolution.


4. The perfect location to receive beer from all corners. Being sandwiched in the middle has its advantages. Breweries from both coasts, such as Stone Brewing (California) and Sixpoint Brewery (New York) are able to bring their products here because the state is practically within reach of anyone who wants to be.


5. Homebrewing is alive and well, with the next National Homebrewers Conference slotted for Grand Rapids in 2014.

6. July is the official Craft Beer Month in Michigan so everyone should be nice and agree that Michigan in the Midwest is the Best for Beer. 


I could go on but there is so much awesome beer calling my name that I’ve got to wrap this up in order to go enjoy the Great Beer State. 

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