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7 Reasons I like My Craft in a Can


7 Reasons I’ll take my craft in a can 




1. Recylcemania!

Aluminum cans are the most easily and frequently recycled beverage package in the world. Considering the amount of beer consumed personally and by the general public, it makes sense to ensure that the mass amount of empties are easily recycled. Plus, one recycled can saves approximately 6 oz. of energy, which can then be used to make more beer!

2. Keepin’ it fresh

Because cans block out light and oxygen better than bottles, they are able to protect the beer and keep it fresher for longer

3. Less is more

Living in an upstairs apartment leads to the appreciation of the small things in life; primarily the small, light things that are easier to carry up and down stairs without bags breaking or dropping during the trek.

4. Crushin’ it

Cans are ideal for feats of strength that showcase a hand’s ability to crumple up really thin aluminum. Impressive, right?

5. Unbreakable

Although ideal for hand crushing, they are a far better choice to bring along to fun activities like hiking, golfing, camping. Or, for the couch potato, they won’t break if dropped carelessly on the floor from the couch during a TV watching marathon.

6. Cool Cans

Cans are able to cool much quicker than bottles. In fact, in a pinch, you can speed chill it with this handy tutorial by Alton Brown.

7. CanRevolution – Join in!

The craft CanRevolution officially started with Oskar Blues in 2002 with the distribution of Dale’s Pale Ale in a can. Since then the CanRevolution has blown up as more craft brewers and drinkers realize the myth of the metallic-tasting can and recognize canned craft as an innovative way to provide great product in an environmental package.


Here’s a list of our Brewers who provide craft in cans.


Oskar Blues: Jumpstarted the CanRevolution by choosing to start distributing with cans and never looked back.


Rochester Mills Beer Company: Rochester Mills recently began distributing their beer across the Great Beer State and started off right, with 16 oz. cans in 4 packs.


Six Point Brewing: This East Coast brewery recognized the superiority of the can as a vessel for their product.


New Belgium Brewing: Known for its environmental focus, New Belgium distributes Shift only in cans (recently in 12 oz. cans!).


Blue Point Brewing: Another East Coast brewery committed to creating great product in an environment and user-friendly manner.


Samuel Adams: One of the first breweries of the craft beer movement recently announced to begin canning it’s flagship brew, Boston Lager, and joined the CraftRevolution. 

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