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Top 5 Reasons being Beer City USA Rocks



Top 5 reasons being Beer City USA Rocks morning on the radio the DJs discussed with a caller whether being Beer City USA is something Grand Rapids should be proud of or not. The caller considered it a negative title since essentially it made Grand Rapids famous for drinking. However, such a stand point is silly in consideration of what being Beer City USA actually entails for the Grand Rapids community.


In celebration and explanation for the Grand Rapids push to retain the Beer City USA title (have you voted yet?) here is a top five list for why being Beer City USA rocks. 

1. It promotes Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids and Michigan's tourism, in general and brewery-specific, increases dramatically with the possession of the national title. 


2. Craft beer is an experience, not just a way to get drunk.

This is such an important concept to understand – the title Beer City USA goes beyond the number of beers sold or the number of breweries within the city limits. The title Beer City USA is a nod to the culture of the craft beer community. Craft beer drinkers enjoy sharing, discovering and tasting new craft beers and create an entire experience around the brew. This is drastically different than someone who is shotgunning beers or downing shots in an inebriation effort. 


3. Craft Beer supports the community


The craft beer community is not separate from the city, it plays an active role in supporting many local organizations, causes and events. For instance, Perrin Brewing will be supporting a local artistic endeavor, called Trip the Light this weekend.


4. Craft beer helps the economy


With staggering double digit growth in the industry during the past year, craft beer contributed $2 billion to the Michigan economy. It also accounted for 37,2200 jobs and $949 million in wages within the state. With many breweries like Arcadia Ales and Frankenmuth Brewery continuing to expand and open new production facilities, these numbers will continue to grow.


5. Being Beer City USA is fun

Along with the pride that comes with the title, there’s a lot of fun to be had as Beer City USA.  As part of the fun, there will be a 3-day pub crawl this week and brewers are collaborating together on a new beer called #55555513. New beer, fun events and lots of people loving and enjoying beer together – that’s what rocks about Grand Rapids being Beer City USA.


Now go out and vote! 



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