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Sriracha: Beer and Food Pairing


Beer and Food Pairing: Sriracha

Although Sriracha pretty much goes great with any dish, it takes a certain type of beer to pair well with the hot sauce.  The Thai condiment, Sriracha, is known for making grown men cry and adding awesome heat to a wide variety of dishes.

To begin deciding on the best beer pairing, let’s take a look at what comprises the sauce. Sriracha is a combination of red chili pepper paste, garlic, sugar, salt and vinegar. Typically found in the iconic green-tipped bottle and bright red in color, Sriracha adds a tangy heat to any dish when it added.

Following the general guidelines for beer and food pairings, spicy food should not be paired with strong dark beers, since the palate will be overwhelmed by spice and not able to recognize all of the beer flavors. Rather, pair with a clean and crisp pilsner or lager to refresh and clean the palate in between bites or choose an IPA with bitter hop notes that enhance the spiciness.

Suggested Sriracha Beer Pairings

Stone Ruination IPA 7.7% ABV 100+ IBU

You can’t get much hoppier than Stone’s Ruination. If you want to completely obliterate your palate douse some food in Sriracha then toss back a pint of this.  

Frankenmuth Pilsener 5.25% ABV 26 IBU

Following the traditional German purity law by using only malted barley, water, German hops and German lager yeast, this pilsener is perfect in its simplicity.

Sam Adams Boston Lager 4.9% ABV 30 IBU

There’s a reason Boston Lager is credited for helping jump start the craft beer revolution. Balanced and full of flavor with a crisp ending.  

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