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Who is Today’s Beer Consumer?


The craft trend continues to gain strength within the beer industry. As the industry changes then the beer consumer does, as well. Who is the beer consumer now with new and different tastes?


There are now new facts out there to lend a better understanding of the beer consumer and what characteristics comprise the new drinking trends. Here are some facts on the beer consumer courtesy of In the Capital.



71.9% of craft beer consumers are male while 28.1% are female, although with more and more young women turning to craft beer this statistic is changing.



Millenials account for 32.9% of the craft beer consumer while Generation X accounts for another 23.9% and the Baby Boomers add another 34.6% of the beer drinkers.



Why drink beer? There are a lot of reasons for consumers to decide on a certain craft brand but here are the most popular reasons for drinking craft beer.

Craft drinkers said 56% of the time they chose craft to experiment with flavors while 46% of the time it is because of seasonal beer. In addition, 46% of the time craft is chosen because it tastes better. Aside from flavor, craft is chosen 36% of the time because it is considered a treat.


With so many statistics out there about the craft beer drinker it is hard to assemble a set picture. What it comes down to, though, is that the craft beer drinker is or should be everyone. There is a style out there to match each individual preference. The issue isn’t whether or not someone is a beer drinker or a craft drinker it is about what they are searching for. More than likely, beer will have the answer, one way or the other. 

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