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New Belgium Spring Releases


New Belgium releases 7 new brews. We all rejoice.

Spring is in the air, although it may not look like with all the snow and ice covering pretty much everything. With the changing of season comes the changing of beer, and New Belgium is celebrating the season in a grand fashion with 7 new beer releases. Keep a look out for these beers on the market, most are limited and incredibly delicious. If you’re lucky you might be able to collect them all.

Dig Pale Ale: 5.6% ABV 36 IBU

This spring seasonal highlights the best of the season as a pale ale with a lemon-citrus aroma. Crisp and clean, it is a sessionable ale with citrus and floral hop notes.

Rampant Imperial IPA:
8.5% ABV 85 IBU

As part of the Explorer series, Rampant is the only new addition to New Belgium’s year-long line up. It boasts bitter hops and a citrus aroma for a brew that pours copper and finishes bone-dry.

Hoppy Bock Lager: 6.5% ABV 70 IBU

Perfect for spring, this lager is the first release in New Belgium’s Hop Kitchen series. It’s full of citrus notes spiced with rye malt and old world hops.

La Folie:
6% ABV 15 IBU

Lips of Faith Series. A sour brown ale wood-conditioned for 1 – 3 years in French Oak barrels. Sour apple notes, dry effervescence and earthy undertones combine to create a collection of goodness.

Transatlantique Kriek: 8% ABV 8 IBU

Lips of Faith Series. A collaboration between New Belgium and Boon Brewery out of Belgium, this sour cherry ale shows the best of both breweries. It started out in oak barrels, where it aged for two years in Belgium before being shipped over to Colorado for New Belgium’s finishing touches to the full-bodied brew. A cherry aroma with a sour cherry taste that finishes sweetly and tingles the mouth with carbonation is the best way to describe this beer.

Cascara Quad:
10% ABV 22 IBU

Lips of Faith Series. As a Belgium Quad, this beer is dark and strong with a strong malt bill that is spiced with coffee and molasses notes. A heady aroma full of dates and tobacco provide enticement with a warming mouthfeel from the alcohol content and a swift, dry finish.

Heavenly Feijoa Tripel:
9% ABV

Lips of Faith Series. A collaboration with Dieu de Ciel out of Montreal, this beer is brewed with Hibiscus flowers and Feijoa fruit. It has a tropical fruit aroma and with a flavor profile full of spicy notes, sweet-fruit, cranberry tartness and a sharp bit.



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