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The Grand Rapids West Side Beer Distributing team is committed to providing quality products to our customers through exceptional marketing and sales service. We distribute to the Grand Rapids area, including the Kent, Montcalm, Ionia and Barry counties. In total, we provide product to over 1,200 retail customers within our distribution footprint. All products are housed in our refrigerated warehouse system before being delivered directly to our customers.


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International Coffee Day

September 29 2014
Coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s International Coffee Day and there is no better way to celebrate than with a brown ale infused with roasted coffee flavor. Kona Brown from Perrin Brewing Co. brings the caffeine, using locally roasted coffee harvested off of the Hawaiian island of Kona.  The ale has a vibrant coffee aroma with slight chocolate malt undertones while the beer, itself, pours a deep mahogany with a tan head.

Your Friends Are Waiting

September 22 2014
This past Friday, as part of the Global Be(er) Responsibility Day, Budweiser released it's newest ad campaign. The focus for the ad isn't on drinking beer or enjoying beer, instead it's on the very serious reality to do so responsibly and make sure you come home to your waiting friends.

A Peak at Yeast

August 26 2014
With a product made out of four simple ingredients, each component of a beer is equally important. That being said, yeast is definitely the soul of the beer. It is what takes simple ingredients and warps it into liquid perfection. Much like with sourdough bread, yeast can be cultivated so a brewery is able to develop their yeast strain, ensuring it is available for each new brew.

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Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

The best of both worlds come together in this Belgian-style wheat ale brewed perfectly to create a smooth pumpkin flavor with hints of clove and nutmeg spice. 5% ABV

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