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The Grand Rapids West Side Beer Distributing team is committed to providing quality products to our customers through exceptional marketing and sales service. We distribute to the Grand Rapids area, including the Kent, Montcalm, Ionia and Barry counties. In total, we provide product to over 1,200 retail customers within our distribution footprint. All products are housed in our refrigerated warehouse system before being delivered directly to our customers.


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Perrin Can Release

September 11 2015
We may have just celebrated a national holiday but this coming Monday it is sure be a party in Grand Rapids with the release of Perrin Brewing Co. package. Making sure that their home base is taken care of, Perrin Brewing Co. will be launching their 6-pack, 12-ounce can line in the Grand Rapids market only starting Monday, September 14.

Pumpkin Pairings

September 04 2015
When the leaves begin to fade to orange and red hues, there is enough of a chill in the air to produce a shiver and the last of the harvest is being brought in then it is pumpkin beer season.  With pumpkin beer season right around the corner, we’ve done the research to create the perfect pairing choices to enjoy the season through an explosion of flavor.

Oktoberfest Season

August 21 2015
  What is an Oktoberfest style beer? Well, the Marzenbier is a deep amber color with highlights of copper, a near brilliant clarity and full-bodied malt profile accented by a brisk hopping and crisp finish. Beyond the style description, the beer has a rich history. The legendary story behind the brew includes a German duke who initiated the Oktoberfest celebrations by serving the beer during his wedding.

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Warsteiner Oktoberfest

Warsteiner Oktoberfest

Traditionally brewed Marzen style beer with a clear amber body, thick white lacing and robust malt profile. 5.9% ABV

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