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The Grand Rapids West Side Beer Distributing team is committed to providing quality products to our customers through exceptional marketing and sales service. We distribute to the Grand Rapids area, including the Kent, Montcalm, Ionia and Barry counties. In total, we provide product to over 1,200 retail customers within our distribution footprint. All products are housed in our refrigerated warehouse system before being delivered directly to our customers.


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Cask Ale 101

December 11 2014
You’re enjoy an evening out and are happy to celebrate it with a night out. Your beer arrives. Its near room temperature and flat…and perfect. It’s a cask ale and it’s becoming increasingly popular in craft bars around the country.     The cask ale hails back to days of yore in England when placing beer in a cask for secondary fermentation was the norm.

2014 Beer Mashup

December 09 2014
As the year comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate all the fantastic beers we’ve discovered over the course of the year. Much like the much-anticipated pop music mashup, each style is a deliciously good way to remember the year individually, although we don’t suggest mashing them all together into a liquid hot mess to choke down.     New Belgium Brewing Co.

Upcycle Bud Aluminum Bottles into Tumblers

December 01 2014
Continue the circle of life for your Budweiser and Bud Light aluminum bottles by upcycling them into holiday gifts. This easy DIY Instructables tutorial gives a step-by-step guide for creating an aluminum tumbler that is a simple gift for any beer lover.      All that is required is a hacksaw, a dowel, a wood surface and an empty Budweiser or Bud Light aluminum bottle.

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Perrin Kona Brown

Perrin Kona Brown

Aged with freshly roasted coffee, this nutty and smooth brown ale finishes smooth and dry with a heavenly aroma of fresh, locally sourced coffee beans. 5.5% ABV 8 IBUS

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