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The Grand Rapids West Side Beer Distributing team is committed to providing quality products to our customers through exceptional marketing and sales service. We distribute to the Grand Rapids area, including the Kent, Montcalm, Ionia and Barry counties. In total, we provide product to over 1,200 retail customers within our distribution footprint. All products are housed in our refrigerated warehouse system before being delivered directly to our customers.


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Bud Light Seltzer is now widely available in Michigan. Available in 4 delicious flavors and all checking in at 5% ABV, 100 Calories, 2g of Carbs and <1g of Sugar. Gluten Free and NO Artificial Flavors. 


12 Pack Cans

Black Cherry

Lemon Lime



Variety Pack (3 cans of each flavor)




We are excited to announce that beginning in November of 2019 we will be distributing Red Bull to all On Premise accounts in our Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo footprints.




Looking for a quick and fun way to enjoy your favorite mixed drinks without having to go out of your way? Look no further! Miraculous as it may seem, there now exists a range of perfectly blended cocktails in ready-to-drink, single-serve cans. Think we’re crazy? Try these exciting flavors to become a believer!


24 OZ Cans

Sex On The Beach

Bahama Mama

Sunny Margarita


16 OZ Cans

Watermelon Margarita

Long Island Iced Tea




Natural Light Seltzer is disrupting the seltzer category with its unique ABV of 6%, a more affordable price point, and strong brand equity built on Natural Light and the growing success of Naturdays. Launching with 2 flavors, Black Cherry Lime & Tropical, these seltzers bring Natty’s irreverent personality to life with disruptive names for each... Catalina Lime Mixer and Aloha Beaches!


Available in 12 packs and 25 OZ Cans!


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Perrin Grapefruit

Perrin Grapefruit


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