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Happy Mothers' Day


My Mothers’ Day Card in Beers

Dear Mama,


Last year I made you a rap mixtape for Mothers’ Day. This year you get a mix of beer to symbolize all the ways I’m thankful that I get to have the kind of mom who has always supported me through all my misadventures and who will hang out at breweries with me, even though you don’t really like beer.


Here’s to you, Ma! Cheers!



My Mama and Me


Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils

You raised five moody and rebellious kids without (completely) losing your sanity and without the help of those magic yella pils. Shuttling us to hockey, soccer, dance and swim classes while keeping us from killing each other couldn’t have been easy but you did it.


Right Brain Will Power

My siblings and I outnumbered you but you held your ground didn’t let us forget our responsibilities. Instead you raised us to be independent and hard working, then recognized us for that.


Sixpoint Righteous Ale

You taught me right from wrong so I could make better decisions in my life. I may not have always listened but I remember.


Perrin Razberry Blonde

This is just because I know you will really like this beer. Light, fruity and with a hint of sweetness and a crisp finish.


New Belgium Shift

The tagline for this beer is “finish your shift. Start another,” which is exactly what you do. Whether it’s going beyond what your nursing job responsibilities for the patient, teaching extra classes, taking care of us kiddos or now spoiling your grandkids, you are always tirelessly working and caring for others.


Magic Hat Elder Betty

Although you’re getting up there in years and may soon be considered an elder I still think you’re lookin’ good.


OK, Mama. That about sums up how awesome you are. Happy Mothers’ Day and Cheers to you and all the other fantastic mothers like you!





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