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How to Drink a Beer


How to Drink Your Beer

The Importance of Glassware


Beer drinking experience is a full-sensory experience and one of the first steps to take place in the experience is choosing glassware.


Although many a time I’ve drank straight from bottles, cans, Dixie cups and sometimes plastic take-out containers, depending on the level of the desperation, the selection of glassware plays an important role for maximum drinking pleasure.


To match a beer style to the proper glass, here’s a rundown on some of the most common glassware options out there.  


Mugs and Steins

These squat, handled glasses provide room for a lot of beer while ensuring the hands-off approach keeps the beer cooler for longer.



Long and slender with a tapered bottom, this glass is designed to accommodate a larger head and release the aroma.



A nonic glass is a frequently used glass, often misleadingly referred to simply as a pint glass. It has a slight projection right below the rim that helps create the perfect amount of room for the head.



Often paired with higher ABV brews, this glass’s stem keeps hands from warming the liquid while the curved shape is designed to allow for a nice foam head while also retaining maximum aroma. 


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