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Shark Week: Movies and Beer Pairing


My favorite time of the year has returned. Shark Week is back in all its jawtastic, bloody gore and glory. From the beginning, Shark Week and I were fated to be together. My childhood best friend’s initials spell out J.A.W. for one. That same friend also convinced a very young and naïve version of me that bull sharks could and did lurk in the waters of Lake Superior since she read that some sharks could swim into freshwater. It was a terrifying and wonderful time that laid the foundation for my adoration of shark week.  To make the week even better, take a break from fiction, or semi-fiction, and rejoice in completely preposterous shark themed movies paired with a brew for mental lubrication.  



Best Beers to pair with shark movies


Sharknado with New Belgium Brewing Snapshot

The ridiculous hit that featured man eating sharks falling from the sky managed to incur a viral explosion when it first came out, much in the same way that Snapshot Wheat from New Belgium Brewing Co. became the talk of the town on social media. Besides, a light-hearted movie deserves a light, easy drinking beer to go along with it.


Jaws 1, 2, 3 and Jaws the Revenge with Goose Island Endless IPA

The Jaws series is a rite of passage it seems, but a Jaws marathon of will require buckets (or at least more than one) of beer to sit through the buckets of fake blood on screen. Endless IPA from Goose Island is the perfect session ale to accompany the marathon.  


Deep Blue Sea Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream

Named after a much-used Hollywood sound effect, Wilhelm Scream from Magic Hat Brewing Co. will ease the terrors brought on while viewing Deep Blue Sea with its rich pumpkin pie flavors.



Finding Nemo with Arcadia Ales Rupunzel IPA

Although with sharing the name of an old terrifying fairytale about turnips and women with hair way too long, Rapunzel IPA is a brew made to be enjoyed by those of legal age. In the same manner, Finding Nemo appeals to the same demographic with its slick jokes.


Open Water with Perrin Raspberry Blonde

The scene from Open Water with the blood spreading through the water is embedded in my brain for eternity. Drink a Perrin Raspberry Blonde, which has a vivid pink hue that is complementary to the scene on the screen.


Swamp Shark with Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale

Its swamp land and there’s a giant and scary looking shark attacking hillbillies. You’re going to need 19.2 ounces of Dale’s Pale Ale in a cold can to set yourself up for this epic film. Crack it open and enjoy. 

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