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More Beautiful with Age


Style trends in the beer industry are exciting to see take place. Right now, for me, it's exciting to see the popularity of the barrel aged offerings from craft brewers. Porters, Stouts, Barley Wines, and other Strong Ales have found themselves living and aging in empty wooden whiskey barrels from a few months to a few years.
These barrel aged styles have created quite the stir in the trade. The mix of dark fruit flavors, hop bitterness, along with an edge of whiskey create, yet another, "Wow" experience.
This week we are releasing Arcadia's Shipwreck Porter. The beer was barrel aged for over nine months and has now been packaged for retail. Shipwreck bursts at the seams with fruit sweetness and a balanced edge of whiskey flavor.
Unlike past years, Shipwreck will be offered and sold individually in 12oz. bottles. Hopefully, this will result in more retail exposure in our high end specialty stores.
If you see a bottle, grab it while you can, it is extremely limited. My suggestion is to buy one bottle for consumption immediately and buy another to age for a future special occasion. Because, this beer is special.

A Sip to Savor


It's exciting to try a beer styles that make you stop look at the glass, think for a second, smile, and then take another sip. Such is the case when I first tried the Arcadia Black IPA.
The style offers the drinker an American hop blast from start to finish, along side robust qualities of coffee and the sweetness of dark fruit. For me, it was a perfect balance between two potentially overpowering flavors in beer: Hop Citrus and Strong Coffee notes from the malt. The ABV of the beer is 8.5%, so it can definitely sneak up on you.
As of right now, it's a draft only offering. However, Arcadia already has plans to launch this style in a four pack bottle sometime in the near future. I can't wait!

Yes We Can


"Yes we CAN!"

Ever wondered what it would be like to take some of your favorite craft beers with you on that hike, that fishing trip, or for that college tailgate with friends.

Wonder no more. Because, we have recently released two "canned" craft beers from our brewery partners.

The first is Shiner's Box O' Box 6pk can. Shiner Bock cans come in individually wrapped cartons. Shiner Bock is the king of craft beers in Texas, where BBQ, football, and music festivals rule. This will be a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor (or indoor) get together.

The next offering is the flagship brand from our friends in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Lager cans offer consumers a Pre Prohibition style lager (amber in color with a hop edge). This beers beautiful hop aroma and flavor burst from the can and make you rethink you past experiences from aluminum cans.

The craft, in a can, revolution has really exploded in areas of the U.S. where there are tremendous outdoor recreational opportunities along with great outdoor music or social events. Because of the improvements in the lining of aluminum cans, craft brewers are re-evaluating their position on GLASS ONLY vessels. Cans offer consumers endless possibilities to enjoy some great craft brands.

Think about how your experiences could change, if you now were able to take your favorite 6pk with you on some of your greatest outdoor adventures.

More to come.....................

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