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I am extremely excited and proud to announce that West Side Beer has entered into a distribution agreement with the Right Brain Brewery.

Right Brain Brewery opened its doors on December 1st, 2007, in Traverse City, MI. Within the last four years, RBB has become northern Michigan's premier brewery and a destination for thousands, traveling and vacationing in beautiful northern Michigan.

They continue to create works of fermented art on their 7 barrel system and have created a loyal following of those who reside in and outside of the Great Lakes State.

What was the inspiration for the name? I will let Russ Springsteen, owner and founder, explain:

"I got the name during my senior year in high school.  Miss Carter, the creative writing class teacher, strolled in to announce to everyone that we would be taking a test.  Mind you, Miss Carter did not really like me that well, for whatever reason.

Anyway, she goes on about this test we will be taking to determine who is right brained.  'Don't worry, no one can take it wrong. There is no right or wrong answers'. So, she also drones on about how only three or four people will be Right Brained.

Sooooo..... I end up being the only person in the class who is Right Brained and she tells me that I took it wrong.  She inspired me.  But just to bug the heck out of her, I would walk in each day and greet her with, 'I'm Right Brained, ya know'."

Cheers, Miss Carter!

People who are determined to be "Right Brained" generally deal with more spatial activities (music, math, art, etc.)

Right-brained individuals are thought to be more creative than left-brained people and the use of imagination plays a key role.

This ability to use creativity and imagination in their work has been the catalyst for Russ and the crew at RBB. The brewery offers at least 12 different draft beers, at one time, as well as 3 cask ales... with new styles waiting to rotate in. There is no room for common here as styles are always changing and evolving. If you wait too long to come in and sample a "new" creation.... you'll miss out.

I should also mention the fact that the Head Brewer, Corey Wentworth, is also an accomplished chef for over 20 years (Talk about flavor knowledge). He along with his fearless assistants, Andy and Tina, has brought new flavor components into beer very rarely, if ever, tasted and experienced.

Some of their creations include: Magnalista Pig Porter (2011 Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival), Cherry Pie Whole, CEO Espresso Stout, their "infamous" Grilled Asparagus Beer, and the list goes on............

But, aside from making these artfully limited creations, this brewery's ability to make wonderfully created "core styles" is what will give this brewery long term success and has helped to create a following of passionate craft beer enthusiasts. These core brands include Will Power Pale Ale, Dead Kettle IPA, Black Eye PA, Northern Hawk Owl Amber, and Shadow Watcher Stout.

Right Brain will launch in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids market place on Saturday, January 14th. Distribution will be very limited, due to current brewing capacities. Distribution will be draft only, so be on the lookout at some great local watering holes for your opportunity to taste "right brain" inspiration.

Welcome to West Michigan RBB! We've been "anxiously" waiting for you.  

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