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4 Craft Cans for Labor Day Weekend


4 Craft Beer Cans for Labor Day Weekend

Make sure to get some CANaction in over the holiday.

The sleeping bags, tent and backpacks are by the door. It's time to head out into the Great North (or what I call home) and get in touch with your naturalistic self for the Labor Day Weekend. Or, maybe there's a jersey and tailgate party in the future for game day. Or a ton of sun screen, sand and one of the Great Lakes' pristine shorelines is on the horizon.

Whatever the future holds as the workday draws towards an end before the holiday weekend, one thing is for certain; some craft beer CANaction is bound to happen. Here are a few of the options I'll be drinking up in celebrate of the last weekend of summer.

1. Oskar Blues Dale's Pale

Nothing like a hopped up pale ale from the brewery that first brought the can back.

2. Rochester Mills Milk Shake Stout

Perfect for beer floats, it's easy to drink a few of these for a liquid dessert.

3.  Sixpoint Sweet Action

Incredibly refreshing, this hybrid beer is light-bodied enough for a day at the beach but still substantial in flavor.

4. New Belgium Fat Tire

This amber ale pairs perfectly with all the typical Labor Day food fare – from hot dogs, burgers to steak. And vegetables, too, I guess.


International Bacon Day


International Bacon Day




It is time to gear up – not only for Labor Day but for International Bacon Day! According to Wikipedia, International Bacon Day occurs the Saturday before Labor Day so go out buy some cured pig meat and eat up. While you are feasting , check out this infographic featuring fun facts about bacon. Some of my favorites include the following.


Bacon cures hangovers.

Bacon contains six types of umami.

The infographic also asserts that September 3 is actually International Bacon Day, which is confusing. It is probably best to celebrate the holiday on both dates to be sure.

Now, we've got the bacon so let's add the beer! Here are a few suggested beer pairings to go along with side, or entire plate, of bacon.

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Light-bodied enough to let the bacon take center stage. Slightly sweet caramel malt notes work nicely with saltiness of the bacon while the crisp finish and slight hop bitterness refreshes the palette.

Shiner Bock

This full-bodied, amber-colored brew acts as a mellow component that balances the strong bacon flavor.

Brooklyn Brown

The rich caramel flavors work well with smoked and cured bacon flavors, while the malt character is strong enough to withstand the bacon's strong flavor profile.

Periodic Table of Alcohol


Periodic Table of Alcohol 


To celebrate back-to-school season I decided to go way back to my sophomore memories of Chemistry and re-amp them with a bit of alcohol knowledge. 

Check out this periodic table of alcohol and see if there are any surprising or unknown elements.  


Shark Week and Beer


Shark Week and Beer 

It is my favorite part of the year – shark week! Let’s celebrate by watching a marathon of shark shows and drinking beer!


Just add beer. 


Craft Beer Suggestions

Landshark – It is in the name, obviously, but it is a fantastic island-style lager.

Will Power – Right Brain’s pale ale is named after what you would need if you came into contact with a shark, a la “Deep Blue Ocean.”

Kona Brown – Perrin’s brown ale is brewed with coffee beans from the Hawaiian island of Kona, which I think has a lot of sharks in the water surrounding it.

Rampant IPA – New Belgium’s imperial IPA is rampant, much like a great white shark is when it goes on a rampage before eating LL Cool J.

Jaw Jacker – Arcadia Ale’s pumpkin beer won’t break your jaw, although a giant hammerhead might!Saga – The IPA from Summit Brewing is delicious enough to drink all throughout the gripping saga of the life of a shark. 



How to Celebrate IPA DAY


Happy National IPA Day! 


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