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Top 5 Opening Day Traditions


 Top 5 Opening Day Traditions



Happy Opening Day, everyone! Enjoy the American tradition of baseball and beer with these top 5 opening day traditions.


1.       Playing hooky from work

The inexplicable sickness, the car problem, the random disappearance. Whatever your chosen method for skipping work is, Opening Day is when you perfect the skill of skipping work in the name of baseball. Of course the Wizard and Budweiser’s recent efforts (along with all thousands of signatures) have helped begin the process for a petition to make Opening Day a holiday. Until then, the rest of us will continue the long-held tradition of heading off to the stadium instead of the office on this day.


2.       Hot dogs

Fuel is required for all that baseball watching and celebration. Most often, that comes in the form of a hot dog. Or two. Or five. Coincidentally, hot dogs also pair perfectly with a beer. American lagers and pilsners act as a palate cleanser while allowing the dish’s flavors to take center stage.



3.       Clydesdales

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a symbol of Americana. Combined with the Opening Day ceremonies and parade, nothing feels more patriotic.


4.       Cracking open a cold one

Beer and baseball. Probably few things in life go together as perfectly as this pair. When the first ball is pitched and that first Budweiser is popped open it’s officially baseball season.


5.       Tailgating

The best tradition is the one that ties together all of the above into one free for all of tradition. That’s what happens when the first tailgate of the season occurs - it’s a convergence of friends, hope, Budweiser and baseball.


Traveler Beer Co.


Traveler Beer Company


The Traveler Beer Company began with a phone call between Alan Newman, founder of Magic Hat Brewing, and Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company. That phone conversation begat the Alchemy and Science project, which then produced the Traveler Beer Company.



The Traveler Beer Company produces a new sort of adventure for the craft drinker – craft shandys. According to the Beer Traveler Company, the story of the shandy goes way back.


“The shandy tradition dates back to the 17th century and is typically beer mixed with a citrus-flavored soda or carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale or cider. Today, English publicans pour a blend of traditional English ale with various lemon and lime beverages for their patrons though real lemons or limes are rarely used.” - Beer Traveler Co.


Alan Newman and company realized that in the craft beer community that was bursting with barrel aged brews and dank IPAs there was a surprising lack of any craft shandys. That’s when the Beer Traveler Company found its mission.



The first in the lineup turned into the brewery’s flagship, Curious Traveler, a malt wheat ale infused with lemon and lime puree, lending it a brilliant citrus aroma and taste. The additional options that are available throughout the Grand Rapids market are Time Traveler, which is a strawberry shandy that utilizes fresh strawberries to create a unique and sweet flavor, and Illusive Traveler, a grapefruit shandy that harnesses the bright citric flavor without the fruit’s bitterness.


Keep an eye out for these shandys so you can get a bit curious and acquaint yourself to them.


Hot Dogs and Beer Food Pairing


Hot Dogs and Beer Pairing

Opening Day is around the corner! This is great news for all the baseball fans out there and for people like me who love a great excuse to eat more hot dogs. Plus, thanks to the efforts of Budweiser and all those signatures there is officially a petition out there to make Opening Day a national holiday, which means you should most definitely eat another hot dog in celebration.



Baseball and hot dogs…the only thing missing is the beer. But not for long when so many styles can pair up with ultimate dogs out there. Beer and hot dogs and baseball are the ultimate pairing. Don’t believe me? Try out these then see what you think.


Chili Dog with Arcadia Whitsun

Let the full chili experience takeover with this hotdog while sipping on a Whitsun from Arcadia Ales. The wheat ale will add a light citrus note while the carbonation serves as a palette cleanser.


Chicago Dog with Stella Artois

A beef frank topped with yellow mustard, onions, pickle relish, tomatoes, pepper and celery salt and stuffed onto a poppy seed bun needs to take center stage. Let it by pairing it with a light lager that serves as a refresher between bites.


New Yorker with Sam Adams Summer Ale

Spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut are balanced out with the light-bodied summer ale from Sam Adams. A bit of pepper spice and hops balance out the full flavors while the hint of lemon peel adds a brightening component.


Bacon Cheese dog with Perrin Brewing IPA

Meat meets meat in this dog covered in cheese and topped with bacon crumbles. The classic American-style IPA from Perrin Brewing boasts enough bitter hops to cut through the cheesiness to balance out the smoked bacon.

Perrin Grapefruit IPA


Grapefruit IPA

Perrin Brewing Co. Grapefruit IPA is brewed and ready to be back on the scene.





There may still be snow on the ground but springtime is officially here - Perrin Brewing Co. has officially unleashed Grapefruit IPA on the marktet. The super sessionable ale, will begin popping up on draft throughout the state - it may already be tapped at your favorite bar. In case you have forgotten about the mouthful of gloriousness that is Grapefruit IPA, here’s a refresher course.


The pour is a hazy golden color that is topped with a bright white head. The aroma is citrus-laden with hints of sweetness. The flavor is packed with grapefruit accents and balanced by a light hop bitterness that ends on a crisp and refreshing note. Grapefruit IPA is 5% ABV and 35 IBUs.


Look for it on draft – it’s coming your way.

Budweiser Rise As One Campaign Starts


Football heroes come alive with the new feature from the Budweiser “Rise As One” FIFA World Cup campaign. Today they released the first video installment, titled “Believe As One.” It’s a 60-second spot filmed in black and white that is enthralling.




The Budweiser Rise as One FIFA World Cup campaign has with a rhythm that strikes to your heartbeat and makes you (or maybe it’s just me…) really wish you were good at soccer/football. That’s the addictive part of this campaign, it directly taps into the meaning behind the FIFA World Cup, which is the feeling of pride, solidarity and competition that can be felt from every country and unifies them all together in one huge sport spectacular.


Seriously, there is something about the World Cup that compels even the ambivalent to suddenly morph into diehard fans glued to a TV and avidly screaming on their chosen team. Even I get sucked into the game and my only experience with soccer amounts to playing for a few years as a kid and then joining a coed team one year where my job was to run up and down the field the entire time and not touch the ball. Still, whenever the World Cup goes on, I go through the team rosters, picking my chosen team based off of the players’ overall attractiveness and then proceeding root for them as if they’ve always been my heroes.


Then there are those fans that are true lovers of the sport, or as Budweiser calls them Football heroes. These heroes take their sport to the next level by infectiously sharing that passion with their communities. Actually, it’s this ability that gets them to be internationally recognized as such on the “Rise As One website.”  So far, only two Football Hero stories have been submitted and uploaded but they are both incredibly touching and show the depth and spread that football can have on the world at large. Check them out, become inspired and maybe submit one of your own.

St. Patrick's Day Food and Beer Pairing


St. Patrick’s Day Pairing: Murphy’s Stout and Corned Beef with Cabbage


Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day quite like beef and beer, the food and succor of our (honorary or real) ancestors.



The beer is Murphy’s Irish Stout and the beef is corned beef served up with cabbage. Why do these two go so well together? Well, there’s the historical side of it and then there’s the flavorful aspect, as well.


A great way to start off in creating complementary dishes is to create dishes with ingredients that are sourced from the same region. Grown from the same dirt and acclimated to the same environment, these food items often are mutually complementary. Although corned beef and cabbage may not be considered a completely traditional Irish meal (at least according to articles like this), Murphy’s Stout is known as the rebel stout throughout Ireland. The beer has been a part of Irish culture since 1856 when the Murphy family first started brewing up the liquid. Now, the Irish stout and the American-Irish dish are both synonymous with St. Patrick ’s Day.


Murphy’s shows off the characteristics a true Irish stout with its creamy head and rich black color that is chock full of roasted malt flavor. Available on nitro, it has a light-bodied mouthfeel with little to no carbonation and finishes on a chalky, dry note. These characteristics make it the perfect accompaniment to corned beef and cabbage. The thin mouthfeel of the Irish stout matches the light texture and flavor component of the steamed vegetables. The main attraction – the salty meat – is counterbalanced by the acrid roasted malt flavor and dry finish from the stout. Together, there’s a feast to be had for St. Patrick’s Day.

Winter's Kryptonite


Winter’s Kryptonite: Arcadia Whitsun Wheat



Apparently we are in the midst of another winter storm. I don’t believe it, though, because I am sipping on Arcadia Ales Whitsun Wheat. Around these parts we like to call Whitsun winter’s kryptonite and with the very first sip you know it’s true – it’s like sunshine in your mouth.


Arcadia Ales Whitsun wheat pours a hazy, vivid orange. The aroma is bready with a hint of fresh-squeezed oranges and slight honey sweetness. The overall flavor profile includes a bright citrus component with light malt undertones and a hint of beehive honey to transition between the two. The mouthfeel is creamy and effervescent with a bright orange finish to top it off.


State of mind comes into play, here. Rather than immerse ourselves in SAD syndrome and curse the March snow sadness or discuss if Lake Michigan will ever get above 40 degrees this summer, choose to be delusional. Crack open a can, pop bottles or pour pints of Arcadia Whitsun and prance around in short shorts and sun glasses while wiping imaginary sweat away. It can be summer in your mind, or at least you can trick your taste buds into believing so. Don’t let that white stuff falling from the sky get the better of you. Choose Whitsun and deny winter the pleasure.

Laughfest Success Tips



Happy Laughfest day, one and all!

We are incredibly excited for the wide variety of laughtastic events that will be taking place throughout the festival and are especially pleased that two of our brands, Bud Light and Perrin Brewing Co. are the official beer sponsors.

To keep the good times rolling in true beery fashion, we’ve got some tips on how to have the best possible Laughfest experience. Ever.

1. Get your laughs for free.

With the help of Bud Light, there will be a free comedy show that is open to the public on Tuesday, March 11. The featured comedians will be April Macie and Brad William, two nationally renown standup comedians. The fun starts at 8 pm and is free to all 21 years or older- just make sure you visit the Laughfest website to print your free ticket (required for entry). More info on the comedians and the awesome free show can be found here.

2. Drink a beer (or two).

Make sure to try out Laughfest Lager – the limited release from Perrin Brewing Co. made especially for Laughfest. It’s a Munich style Helles that is slightly addictive and highly drinkable. That alone is enough to sip on the lager but, in addition, a portion of the proceeds go back to support Laughfest and Gilda’s Club, proving that doing good can taste good too.


3.  But be a smart drinker.

Make sure you drink responsibly through the marathon of laughs by choosing sessionable beers. Bud Light and Laughfest Lager are both highly drinkable so you can have more than one without feeling foggy.

4. Celebrate Your Individuality.

With a wide variety of comedians and shows, there is ample opportunity to pick and choose your own style of comedy. Remember, not everyone shares a similar sense of humor. Rejoice in the individuality of humor by picking your own shows to attend. The schedule for Laughfest can be found here.


5. Surround yourself with smiling faces.

Keep an eye out for the square smileys at your favorite spot – each dollar goes towards Gilda’s Club. Also the smileys brighten up any spot you put it. Really. Just try it and you will soon be smiling.





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