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Beer Shelfies for American Craft Beer Week


The rise of the shelfie has infiltrated beer culture. As part of the celebration of craft beer, the Brewers Association enlisted the help of breweries from all 50 states to create a montage of beer shelfies.



Although shelfies have been on the receiving end of criticism, due to the narcissism that can come along with the practice of taking hundreds of pictures of yourself, the beer shelfie seems like a good idea. It goes beyond the basic beer porn type of photos seen across social media and flips the camera (or smartphone) around to show the mysterious imbiber of the brew in their natural habitat. The Brewnited We Stand campaign, by using the shelfie platform, is able to showcase how diverse, fun and weird the beer community can be. All by having people take pictures of themselves with their beers of choice. On top of that, it’s a great campaign that is able to visually represent the breweries’ cultures in a very personal way – through the people behind the brew. What better way to learn about the many breweries and their delicious product, both near and far, than by viewing up close photos of the brewery folk having fun working and drinking?


To take part in the beer shelfie fun, grab a brew, take a self portrait, post it on your preferred (or multiple) social media and tag it #ACBW to show how you’re toasting to American Craft Beer Week (May 12 to May 18). 




Budweiser Rise As One: Football is Believing




Growing up, my attempts at playing soccer resulted in less than spectacular results. I kept on playing, though, because is was fun to run up and down a field. There were excuses for my feeble skill set. I really do have terrible depth perception.


However, the Budweiser Rise As One Vice series of small clips showcasing the power soccer can have in someone's world (and the effort they put into the sport) has taken away any excuse I have used in the past. take this episode, titled Football is Believing, that tells the story of a soccer team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that plays soccer without the use of sight. Instead, they use a special soccer ball built with rattles in it to play the game. It's incredible to see the level of sportsmanship and the willpower that can come from one game. 




5 Tips for Throwing a KCCO Party


How to throw a KCCO Party 



KCCO beer has landed in Grand Rapids! Get ready to have some fun way the Chive KCCO parties. Not sure what or how to do so? Here are a few quick steps to make sure you max out the moment and enjoy or throw a fantastic time.

1. Drink KCCO beer. 

This is sort of a given but still necessary to include. KCCO beer is a black lager brewed via Resignation Brewery, a part of Redhook Brewery. It is a black lager with toasty malt notes and a super smooth lager finish. 5.1% ABV 

2. Document the action. 

The saying "pics or it didn't happen" tends to ring true. Especially when it comes to sharing your KCCO experience with the Chive community. 

3. Include facial hair. 

Nothing says Chive on quite like a well manicured beard or mustache. The fake variety are accepted, as well. 

4. Sharing is caring. 

KCCO beer is limited. Don't hog it to yourself, share it with your friends! Same goes for those aforementioned pictures. Post them up online to show off the fun.

5. Keep Calm and Chive on.

This one is pretty obvious, right?

Beer is the Best. Ever.

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Beer is the Best. Ever.

Beer is most likely the best thing humanity has ever accomplished (I’m 99 percent positive on this). Yes, fire and the wheel helped out humankind immensely but do you reach for a nice pint of fire or wheel after a long day? No.



The appeal of beer can’t be denied. Remember that one time the government tried to make it illegal? Didn’t work out too well, which is why today Americans get to rejoice and celebrate the repeal of prohibition day (AKA Beer Day).  And that’s why on National Beer Day here’s a list of the ultimate (personally biased) reasons why beer rocks the sock’s off of civilization.


1.  You can drink it on a daily and moderate basis to live a longer life.


2. You can bathe in it for a spa –like skin treatment.


3. The variety is astounding – any kind of beer you want probably exists in some part of the world (or will soon). There’s quite possibly a special beer for everyone out there.



4. It is the perfect tangible example of the connectivity between agriculture, production and consumption. Sometimes beer recipes change because there is a hop shortage or a new beer is created due to a brewery mishap. These things aren’t hidden away, rather they are placed out there to further involve the consumer in the beautiful process that is beer making.


5. A beer a day keeps the doctor away.


6. It saved the world. Or at least that’s what I heard.


7. It makes food taste better. Whether it’s the perfect beer/food pairing or the beer is being used to marinate meat or enrich a soup – beer heightens the experience of eating.


8. Beer helped put Grand Rapids on the map. From a mid-sized city, Grand Rapids morphed into a hub of beer activity and is now a top tourist destination in the country and will be hosting the homebrewers’ national convention this summer.


9. Because grabbing a pint with a buddy after work sounds way better than getting a mug of hot cocoa or a goblet of wine. It just does.


Do it today. For National Beer Day. Because it's the best.


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