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Perrin Grapefruit IPA


Grapefruit IPA

Perrin Brewing Co. Grapefruit IPA is brewed and ready to be back on the scene.





There may still be snow on the ground but springtime is officially here - Perrin Brewing Co. has officially unleashed Grapefruit IPA on the marktet. The super sessionable ale, will begin popping up on draft throughout the state - it may already be tapped at your favorite bar. In case you have forgotten about the mouthful of gloriousness that is Grapefruit IPA, here’s a refresher course.


The pour is a hazy golden color that is topped with a bright white head. The aroma is citrus-laden with hints of sweetness. The flavor is packed with grapefruit accents and balanced by a light hop bitterness that ends on a crisp and refreshing note. Grapefruit IPA is 5% ABV and 35 IBUs.


Look for it on draft – it’s coming your way.

Winter's Kryptonite


Winter’s Kryptonite: Arcadia Whitsun Wheat



Apparently we are in the midst of another winter storm. I don’t believe it, though, because I am sipping on Arcadia Ales Whitsun Wheat. Around these parts we like to call Whitsun winter’s kryptonite and with the very first sip you know it’s true – it’s like sunshine in your mouth.


Arcadia Ales Whitsun wheat pours a hazy, vivid orange. The aroma is bready with a hint of fresh-squeezed oranges and slight honey sweetness. The overall flavor profile includes a bright citrus component with light malt undertones and a hint of beehive honey to transition between the two. The mouthfeel is creamy and effervescent with a bright orange finish to top it off.


State of mind comes into play, here. Rather than immerse ourselves in SAD syndrome and curse the March snow sadness or discuss if Lake Michigan will ever get above 40 degrees this summer, choose to be delusional. Crack open a can, pop bottles or pour pints of Arcadia Whitsun and prance around in short shorts and sun glasses while wiping imaginary sweat away. It can be summer in your mind, or at least you can trick your taste buds into believing so. Don’t let that white stuff falling from the sky get the better of you. Choose Whitsun and deny winter the pleasure.

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