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Get Ready for USA V. Germany



The countdown is on for the FIFA World Cup showdown today between the U.S. and Germany. At noon, the bars will be packed and Budweisers will be in hand as we gather to cheer on and see who will advance to round 16. The U.S. will have to tie or win to continue on in the competition.


Do we have what it takes? It depends on if you’re #UpForWhatever. Best bet will be to #GrabSomeBuds and watch the game! But first, here are a few tidbits to amp you up for the game (only two hours to go)!


“Soccer is a great game, and the rich variety of styles and passions that come with being truly global makes the World Cup a nonparallel event in the universe of competitive sport.” – Serge Schmemann


Use this permission slip from the USA Soccer Team's official Twitter feed to skip work and watch the game. It's the patriotic thing to do.



Chant for your team.


“U!S!A!...U!S!A!” or “I believe that we will win” are both popular chants for the game.


Drink your country’s beer.


Crack open a Bud Light – our country’s most popular brew to support the Americans with your actions. Bonus points if it’s a one of the World Cup limited editions aluminum bottles. The reclosable lid protects against spillage during those most exciting plays.


Show some team spirit and paint your face – flags are super popular these days.



Now go out and root for USA!


Budweiser Rise As One: Play On



Budweiser and Vice released the final installment of their collaborative Rise as One series. It's awesome and you should watch it. It will motivate you to overcome difficulties to follow your dreams. Or maybe just do the dishes this weekend. But seriously, this video showcases the power and sheer will that comes into play when we push ourselves to pursue our passions.



This fifth episode in the Modern Stories series is based out of San Antonio, Texas and follows Matty as he tries out for the U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team. As the reporter says, "in America if you're good at football it means you really love to play." That's very true for all the players killing it on the field in this segment. Now, many of the players (including Matty!) will join the Budweiser sponsored national team to compete in the Amputee Soccer World Cup in Mexico.

Budweiser Rise As One: Football is Believing




Growing up, my attempts at playing soccer resulted in less than spectacular results. I kept on playing, though, because is was fun to run up and down a field. There were excuses for my feeble skill set. I really do have terrible depth perception.


However, the Budweiser Rise As One Vice series of small clips showcasing the power soccer can have in someone's world (and the effort they put into the sport) has taken away any excuse I have used in the past. take this episode, titled Football is Believing, that tells the story of a soccer team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that plays soccer without the use of sight. Instead, they use a special soccer ball built with rattles in it to play the game. It's incredible to see the level of sportsmanship and the willpower that can come from one game. 




Budweiser Rise As One Campaign Starts


Football heroes come alive with the new feature from the Budweiser “Rise As One” FIFA World Cup campaign. Today they released the first video installment, titled “Believe As One.” It’s a 60-second spot filmed in black and white that is enthralling.




The Budweiser Rise as One FIFA World Cup campaign has with a rhythm that strikes to your heartbeat and makes you (or maybe it’s just me…) really wish you were good at soccer/football. That’s the addictive part of this campaign, it directly taps into the meaning behind the FIFA World Cup, which is the feeling of pride, solidarity and competition that can be felt from every country and unifies them all together in one huge sport spectacular.


Seriously, there is something about the World Cup that compels even the ambivalent to suddenly morph into diehard fans glued to a TV and avidly screaming on their chosen team. Even I get sucked into the game and my only experience with soccer amounts to playing for a few years as a kid and then joining a coed team one year where my job was to run up and down the field the entire time and not touch the ball. Still, whenever the World Cup goes on, I go through the team rosters, picking my chosen team based off of the players’ overall attractiveness and then proceeding root for them as if they’ve always been my heroes.


Then there are those fans that are true lovers of the sport, or as Budweiser calls them Football heroes. These heroes take their sport to the next level by infectiously sharing that passion with their communities. Actually, it’s this ability that gets them to be internationally recognized as such on the “Rise As One website.”  So far, only two Football Hero stories have been submitted and uploaded but they are both incredibly touching and show the depth and spread that football can have on the world at large. Check them out, become inspired and maybe submit one of your own.

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