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Meet Your New Neighbor, Arcadia Ales


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Arcadia Ales is heading the neighborhood 


I love getting new neighbors (as long as they don’t obnoxiously practice their techno DJ skills 24/7) and I’m very excited to see Arcadia Ales heading to the neighborhood in the near future. Here’s the lowdown on what will soon be your neighborhood brewery.


The View


Arcadia West will be just 400 feet from the Kalamazoo river, ensuring a brew with a view for all who visit.  Easy access to the river, including portals, will be available. Geography never was my strong suite so I have no idea if there is a way to canoe or kayak from Grand Rapids to Arcadia West but the Yooper in me is willing to find a way.


The Grub


Arcadia West will support the West Michigan community while serving them fresh, locally sourced grub. The wood-fired smoke house will provide unique twists on traditional American BBQ while Middle Eastern and South American cuisine will also make a play.


The Size


The new facility will be 30,000 square feet with the potential to yield 60,000 barrels of beer annually. Initially, Arcadia plans on an initial brewing capacity of 30,000 barrels.


The Plan


Arcadia West will transition into the main brewpub and brewing facility for Arcadia Ales. At the outset, it will create 40 new jobs in Kalamazoo. The brewery’s facility in Battle Creek will retain its current employees and remain open, brewing experimental batches.


The Grand Opening


TBA. I’ll let ya know.


The Conclusion


Arcadia Ales is soon only going to be a mere half hour drive from Grand Rapids.  Since that is the amount of time I probably waste in rush hour traffic on a regular basis, I’m considering Arcadia Ales as yet another local, neighborhood brewery. You should, too. 

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