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Summer Beer List


Summer Beer List


First came the song (Summer Beers) now comes the beer list and hopefully afterwards the summer weather will follow. Here’s is what we have to offer in the Grand Rapids area for summer seasonals. Some are new while some are old favorites.


Your Summer Beer List 


Arcadia Ales Whitsun

Wheat beer brewed with local Michigan honey for a rich and smooth taste.


Blue Point Blueberry Ale

A blonde ale brewed with fresh blueberries to create a light and tart flavor.


Blue Point White IPA

A wheat beer and IPA hybrid that is partially creamy with a dry, bitter hop finish.


Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale

A light ale with citrus/floral aroma, slightly bready flavor and mild hop finish.


Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom

A cream ale that combines with orange and honey to create a slightly sweet summer drink.


Flying Dog Woody Creek

Belgian wheat with light coriander and citrus notes.


Frankenmuth Brewery Twisted Helles

A traditional lager brewed with German noble hops and citrus.



Magic Hat Elder Betty

Weiss-style beer brewed with elderberries for a creamy and unique flavor.


New Belgium Rolle Bolle

Brewed with monk fruit and soursop this is a blonde and fruit ale hybrid.


Perrin Brewing Grapefruit IPA

Slightly hazy with a huge citrus aroma and bright citrus flavor that finishes bitter.


Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Wheat beer brewed with noble hops and citrus peel. Hazy, slightly sweet and citrusy.


Shock Top Lemon Shandy

Wheat Ale brewed with citrus and coriander to create a bright flavor profile 

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