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Fruit and Beer Pairing


Drink Beer, Eat Fruit, Get All Your Vitamins at Once!


I may currently be wearing a hoodie but it is still summertime, which means there is an abundance of fresh fruit for me to gorge myself on. Considering that fruit is high in vitamins, antioxidants and all that other good stuff it must be ok to have as much as you want. Especially, in my opinion, if you pair fruit with a heart-healthy beverage like beer. So go buy some fruit and some beer and have a party.


Strawberries and Raspberries with Stouts or Porters


Although it may seem daunting to pair something as delicate as fruit with such a robust beer, just think about what you like to eat with strawberries and raspberries. Rich chocolate and cream pair well with both, so a stout or porter full of chocolate and coffee malt notes will make a great contrasting beer/fruit duo, too. Look for a beer that is also brewed with oats to lend a creamy mouthfeel that will balance out the tart fruit flavors.




Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout

 5% ABV


New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

10% ABV 39 IBU


Blue Point Oatmeal Stout

 5.2% ABV 30 IBU


Melons with Weissbiers or Krieks


The sweetness of the beer rounds out the fruits’ sugars, while the often-present (in weissbier) coriander and orange peel notes complement the bright melon flavors. The high carbonation of these beers helps to scrub the palate clean of any residual stickiness left over from the melon.




Boon Kriek


Flying Dog In Heat Wheat

4.7% ABV 12 IBU


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