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Chocolate Beers


Chocolate Beer


Thanks to beer, chocolate has evolved from the candy bar or cake you guiltily eat into a rich, dark and awesomely alcoholic beverage you celebrate the day with. As a lifelong chocolate lover, I considered it my duty to try out and judge some of this season’s chocolate beers. The verdict? Chocolate beers are my new favorite alternative to dessert or really anything.

Arcadia Ales Cocoa Loco 

7% ABV

This one is brewed with Michigan blackstrap molasses, which adds another layer of depth to this triple chocolate malt stout that. It has an initially sweet and then heavy taste with an extra creamy mouthfeel. I drank it after eating steak tacos and it paired well as a dessert to the smoky dark meat.


New Belgium Cocoa Mole

9% ABV

The heat from the chipotle peppers, along with the 9% ABV, created a warming sensation while the combined caramel and chocolate malts added a smooth richness to the flavor. As a fan of spicy dark chocolate, this beer was right up my alley.


Brooklyn Brewing Black Chocolate Stout  

10% ABC

It pours rich and black with distinct chocolate notes while the imperial stout’s high ABV warms your throat. The thick chocolate notes are perfect for baking chocolate chip cookies with.

Right Brain Brewing Naughty Girl Stout


Brewed with actual Girl Scout Thin Mints that provide a minty sweetness to the rich malt flavor. On its own it’s great but I want to try it in an ice cream float next time.


Right Brain Brewing CEO Stout


Creamy, roasty and dark with distinct chocolate notes, this one is more mocha than pure chocolate, which happens to be how I like it. The full-bodied stout is well-balanced and highly addictive.

Perrin Brewing Chocolate Porter

7% ABV

Perrin’s chocolate porter definitely satisfies any chocolate cravings with chocolate liquor and 30 pounds of dark chocolate brewed into this beer. Malty, rich and sweet with a smooth finish, this porter provides all the chocolate beery flavors I need. 

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