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West Side Beer Distributing is committed to working as a team to provide quality products to our customers through exceptional marketing and sales service.

Who We Are

West Side Beer Distributing is one of the largest beer wholesalers in Michigan, providing Anheuser Busch products and over forty craft and import brands throughout our four locations. We distribute to over 3,300 customers within the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Romulus areas. All products are housed in our refrigerated warehousing systems before being directly delivered to our customers.

Core Values

  • Leadership

  • Integrity

  • Mutual Respect

  • Pride with Humility

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Community Involvement


The story of West Side Beer Distributing began in 1965 in Dearborn, Michigan when Don Klopcic Sr. started a three-truck wholesale beer operation named Don Lee Distributor, Inc. Throughout the years, Don Lee succeeded by evolving in order to meet changing customer needs.


In 1981 the company began a new era when the Klopcic family bought West Side Beer Distributing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2007 West Side Beer grew to include the Romulus location within the distribution footprint. In 2009 we acquired our Kalamazoo operation and then, in 2012, we further expanded into the Lansing market. Throughout our growth, we have remained a family-owned company focused on serving our customers and our community. 



West Side Beer Distributing isn’t just a company; we are a team made of 425 hardworking individuals from the community. Through diverse pathways we actively participate in giving back to our community, on an individual as well as company-wide scale. As a company and individually we play an active role in our community by collaborating, supporting and taking part in activities, events and causes.


One of the causes West Side Beer is committed is supporting the responsible use of all of our products. Through partnerships and collaborations we work to educate sellers and consumers about responsibly selling and consuming our products.


We are a family-owned, community-centered company comprised of individuals who love selling beer.

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